Professional cleaning services
in Edinburgh and beyond

We provide a professional demestic, business and mobile car valeting service. We aim to achieve the highest levels of service for our customers and this is reflected by numerous satisfied clients, their recommendation and trust.

domestic services

We supply domestic cleaners on a regular weekly and fortnightly basis in Edinburgh. Our cleaners are fully trained and experienced workers. They are fast and efficient in what they do and they are fully disciplined to provide domestic cleaning and ironing. The backgrounds of each one of them is carefully checked, we only hire reliable and hard working individuals.

Deep Cleaning Service

A highly thorough clean of almost all areas of your home that you could possibly think of. We provide everything what is needed, from cleaning materials and equipment to our experience and commitment so you don't need to worry about all the time consuming preparations and burdensome cleaning. Below you can find a brief list of the areas we usually take care of. As we treat each customer individually, the list is not limited only to items below. Just let us know if there is anything else which would require our attention.

Entrance Area: skirting and doors wiped; clean mirrors; vacuum carpet and/or wash floor;
Kitchen: clean cooker, oven and microwave inside and outside; clean fridge; clean kitchen cupboards; clean all surfaces; clean and buff sink; wipe all appliances; clean windows on both sides together with window sills; wipe skirting and doors; vacuum carpet and/or wash floor;
Living room/bedroom: vacuum carpet or wash floor; clean mirrors; dust all surfaces; clean pictures; wipe skirting board, door and door frames; clean windows on both sides together with window sills;
Bathroom: clean bathroom floors; clean and disinfect toilet; clean bath, showers, shower doors and tiles; clean bathroom sinks; wipe all counters; clean mirrors; wipe skirting boards, door and door frames;

General Tidy Service

With years of experience, we are skilled, reliable, discreet and professional at what we do. Let us do the cleaning so you don't have to. If it's just a quick tidy, then we can accomodate even the lightest of tidy ups.

General Tidy is less thorough than our Deep Cleaning service (we do not clean windows; in kitchen - all surfaces are cleaned from the outside only), but can still leave your home refreshed and shiny while costing less and done more quickly.

Ironing Service

Need someone who will take all the hassle out of this time consuming but necesary job? If so, it might be just another good reason to get in touch with us. We ensure that only the highest quality results are achieved, with full guarantee over the condition of your garments.

Whether you need your suit to look perfect for an important business meeting, or you just don't have enough time to iron all these shirts in your wardrobe on more regular basis - we will be happy to help.

Carpet Cleaning Service

You would be surprised at what you could find deep within the fibres of your carpet. Dirt and dust dropped from shoes, often combined with tiny food or plant fragments, can not only permanently destroy the carpet, but also contribute to potential allergic reactions. General vacuuming will lift some of the dirt but it's not enough to clean all the problems deep within the fibres. With our professional carpet cleaning service you can be sure that we will not only leave your carpet looking much cleaner, but also refreshed and restored. The steam carpet cleaning process washes up deep dirt and kills the dust mites reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

We offer carpet cleaning either as part of a regular cleaning routine for domestic and commercial premises or as a one-off service.

End of Tenancy Service

Your tenancy deposit is valuable and we can ensure you get to keep it with our in depth, end of tenancy deep clean that will be sufficient to satisfy even the fussiest of landlords. If you are moving out, using a professional cleaner will help ensure that you are able to get your deposit back from your landlord. Check our Deep Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning services.


Regular cleaning: Carpet cleaning: We can bring all the cleaning products with us for a small extra charge. - Ironing Services / 1h - £10
- Oven cleaning / £20
- Deep/Spring Cleaning from £12
- There is no extra charge for fridge and microwave cleaning (inside only)

Total prices are inclusive of insurance and VAT. Whatever your cleaning needs, call us for a quick chat, we always aim to tailor our services according to individual needs.